Benzodiazepines also called “benzos,” are a kind of sedative doctors often prescribe to treat Central Nervous System (CNS) related illnesses. Some of these illnesses include panic disorder, anxiety, seizures and spasms, alcohol withdrawal, amongst many others. However, this prescription drug is one that a patient could get addicted to over time, requiring immediate drug addiction treatment at a benzo rehab center.

It’s important to note that benzo dependency or addiction is not necessarily due to intentional misuse of it. Sometimes, people become dependent by simply following their prescribed dosage. Unlike dependency from prescribed dosage, dependency from deliberate abuse of benzos is often more severe. This severity is because of intense withdrawal, which makes drug reduction or elimination an arduous task. However, recovery can start as soon as possible in a Benzo addiction treatment center. Benzodiazepine addiction can be treated. There are various treatment options available at Ethan Crossing of Cleveland. Contact us online or call us at 855.967.2436 to get started today.

When Should I Start a Benzo Rehab Treatment?

benzo rehab center cleveland, ohioBenzo addiction is not always due to negligence or intentional misuse of the drug. It could come from judiciously following a doctor’s prescription. So, users need to know when they have crossed that line. Early detection and treatment will help to prevent further damage and save time.

The primary way to identify benzo addiction is when a patient experiences withdrawal. Once a patient starts to show withdrawal symptoms, especially if they have skipped a dose, it’s time to get into rehab. Some of the physical symptoms that accompany withdrawal are:

  • Slurred speech
  • Impaired vision
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Vomiting

Other symptoms include irritability, insomnia accompanied by bad dreams, memory loss, depression, and other mental illnesses.

Treatment Options Available at Ethan Crossing’s Benzo Rehab Center Cleveland

Seeking treatment from a reliable benzo addiction treatment center and selecting the appropriate treatment option with the help of a professional is the first step to creating a solid foundation for quick recovery from substance dependency.

There are various inpatient and outpatient programs and therapies available at our benzo addiction treatment center.

Residential Treatment Program

This rehab option provides private, similar-to-home accommodation for our clients in Cleveland’s comfortable, non-hospital, state-of-the-art center. The program takes clients away from their everyday stress to channel their energy towards a full and quick recovery.

This treatment option affords you the luxury of staying under close observation of our experienced professionals, speeding up the path to recovery. Our clients will have access to different medical personnel like specialized doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and therapists with the residential treatment program. These experts will walk the client through the recovery process.

Intensive Outpatient Program

This service is usually an option for Benzo dependency that doesn’t require detoxification or around-the-clock observation. For instance, if the dependence hasn’t gone on for too long or the client hasn’t started taking extra doses, intensive outpatient treatment may be an option. This treatment option allows clients to continue their daily lives from their home or that of a trusted relative while treatment is ongoing.

Let Ethan Crossing of Cleveland Walk The Journey With You

Ethan Crossing of Cleveland is here to help our clients put an end to addiction. No one needs to get addicted to medically prescribed drugs that should enable them to live healthily. If you’re already going through that tough situation, we are here for you. We’d love to walk your recovery journey with you and your loved ones.

We’ve got just the right treatment option for a complete and fast recovery from benzo dependency, either for you or your loved one. Reach us online through our secure form or call us at 855.967.2436 today.